Awesome WiFi is here.

"Serving more than just free WiFi to
200,000+ users every month"

Awesome WiFi is Aware

Where you are

All SHOUUT WiFi powered hotspots are location aware and deliver a user journey that is specific to a location.

What are you there for

A unique WiFi experience whether you are at a Hotel, Mall, Public Space, Cafe or at your own home. Shouut knows why you are there.

What you love

Everyone loves more. More data, more offers, more discounts more info. And thats what SHOUUT powered WiFi deliver.

Awesome WiFi is Intelligent

Easy to deploy
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Drives Business
Its more than just free WiFi. Understand your customer better to increase loyalty and improve business.
Device Agnostic
Shouut WiFi works on top of any device or existing network.
Data Driven
Deep analytics that tell you everything you need to know to understand your customers.
Precise Targeting
Increase business by targeting your customers through deep profiling with relevant marketing messages
The unique SHOUUT ecosystem gives the power to control the wifi and users in the hand of the business. And its easy to use

Awesome WiFi is Sustainable

Shouut employs powerful software capability to allow service providers or businesses to deploy and easily configure access points from a variety of manufacturers that are easily available, thus providing you with better choice and serviceability.
Shouut has developed advanced algorithms to deeply profile your customers and get amazing insights which could be used to better improve customer relationships.
Shouut allows businesses to interact with their customers to build better business relationships, thus enabling increase in revenue. Invite your customer back through messaging on SMS or email while he is not at your premises. Or publish an advertisement or a voucher while he or she access the WiFi at your business location.

Krishnanand Pai, Coca-Cola India

"Shouut has enabled us to directly engage our consumers and push our activations into the digital era."

Harshwardhan, DLF Malls

"WiFi is a disruption for retail"

Raj Sethia, Firefly Networks, a Vodafone+Airtel JV

"We now believe we can create sustainable WiFi networks"

Saarthak Gupta, CEO My Purple Martini

"Shouut is a brilliant Platform for both offline and online brands to reach out to their desired target audience at any location through the power of data"

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