Frequently asked questions

01. How do I set up the public WiFi hotspot?

Setting up the Shouut hotspot is simple.

- Choose from our long list of compatible pre-configured access points based on your requirement and we ship the same to you

- Plug it in to your internet connection

- Log in to your exclusive partner portal and the wizard will help you customise the user experience

02. Can I use my existing Access Point?

Yes you can if its one of the Shouut supported models. Our product consultants will help you configure the same.

03. How do I choose the right Access Point for my location?

At Shouut, we believe that every location is unique. The size of your location (number of floors, layout etc), the topography (outdoors vs indoors) and the peak customer footfall will determine the type of Access Point you will need.

Our self-help guide on the website asks you a few questions and, based on your response, helps you determine the right solution for your location. You could also get in touch with us directly at +1 405 344 6666 to help you in your decision.

04. What is the cost for the service?

Once we understand your need, we will send you a customised quote for the solution. But shouut works on a completely opex model so you dont have to worry about hardware. We will handle everything for a fixed monthly rental.

05. Can I get details about my customers?

With Shouut, you will have access to one of the most comprehensive user insights through our proprietary analytics algorithms. Through the partner portal, you can get in-depth details about your customers, their interests and their loyalty. You can also reach out to them through constant emails and alerts from your business.

06. Can I use the WiFi for marketing to my customers?

Through the partner portal, you can publish marketing campaigns for your customers. We powerful campaign management platform allows you to create and publish multiple types of campaigns. You can choose between product video ads, vouchers, flash sales, polls and surveys to market to your customers.

07. Can I market to my customers after he has left my Location?

Yes you can. In addition to publishing ads through the WiFi captive portal, you can also interact with your customer through email or SMS. We help you with API's to integrate with Mail Chimp or an SMS gateway provider of your choice. So you get to interact with your customers in multiple ways.

We also provide you with a unique re-marketing option on 3rd party apps like Facebook. So you can now expose your customers to your ad when they are browsing 3rd party apps.

08. Is the data of my customers secure?

Absolutely. We do not share individual customer data with anyone. Furthermore, we encrypt all customer information that we collect to ensure maximum security of data. Our data centres are protected by the latest security features to avoid any hacking. So even in highly unlikely event that this information was illegally accessed, the enterprise grade encryption would make the data worthless. So rest assured, your customer data is secure with Shouut.

09. Is the revenue earning potential through my hotspots?

Yes, you can earn some additional revenue form your hotspots by leasing it out to Telcos or ISP's for them to provide data offload facilities for their customers. You can enable multiple SSID's based on the type of Access Point that you have deployed and lease it out to the Telco/ISP. You can manage the SSID creation and the billing information for that through your partner portal.

10. As an ISP, can I provide a roaming feature to my customers?

Yes. Through the ISP management portal, you can enable data roaming on your public WiFi hotspots. We provide a comprehensive, seamless ISP management interface for both home and public WiFi that lets you manage this feature for your home customers.