Awesome Guest WiFi

WiFi is more than just Social Login and data collection. WiFi
can drive business, education and connect the unconnected.
WiFi is driving sales for Coke
WiFi works as CRM for Retail & Cafes
WiFi is helping Malls understand shoppers
WiFi is helping cities drive social change

S, M, L, XL.

SHOUUT WiFi is available in all sizes. Its easy to rollout and works with almost all access points.


We have integrated a loyalty program right into our WiFi so what you get is way more than just Free WiFi.

SOHO/Large enterprises

Want to give different bandwidths to different employees. Done. Want to monitor usage. Done. Want it out of the box. Done.

Malls/Hypermarts/Retail Stores

Run your mall like a e-commerce website. Deep user insights, traffic mapping, hot-zones, user flow, live research. We could go on.

Public Places/High Streets

Ad-tech based monetisation, community engagement and education. Public WiFi can do more, lots more.

Hotels/Motels/Camping grounds

Run it like a 5 star would. Create a user, setup the checkin check-out dates and don't worry about it. Yes you can define the bandwidth for all users.

Hospitals/Doctors Clinics

Manage patients, give guest wifi track footfalls and monetise your wifi. Yes all that is possible now.


SHOUUT WiFi comes pre configured and if it doesn't you can do it yourself. Thats why is special.
Plug & Play
  • Order any one of our pre configured Access Managers
  • Plug them in
  • Your network is Live
  • Manage your customers
  • Don't worry about anything
Works best for cafes, small retail chains, Banks, Businesses.
Serves upto 20 simultanous customers
Large Deployments
  • Large locations with already implemented wifi > Upgrade to SHOUUT
  • Don't have your WIFi deployed contact us well help you out
Works best for Malls, Hospitals, Colleges, Hypermarkets, Public Areas
Serves upto 100-200 simultanous users
Partner Program
  • SHOUUT works with partners
  • Want to work with us
  • Expand our network
  • Contact us
  • Run a profitable business
Works best for ISP's system integrators, Network operators
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